Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Week!

This is going to be an awesome week!

One friend is waiting for the birth of their first baby, a little girl. Another friend is waiting for the addition of a little boy to their family. How exciting! Prayers and thoughts are with both families.

Did I mention the World Cup is still on this week? I do enjoy watching a "little" of this event! 

Cookie Boy is going on his first "real" camping trip. He and five other Webelo Scouts are going to Dinosour Valley State Park this week, with two of their leaders. No mom or dad (well okay- no dad, as mom never goes!) It is an overnight trip. He is quite excited! I am excited, and a little sad to see another boy growing up so quickly!

And last, but certainly not least in our family, ArtGuy's birthday is tomorrow. As his birthday and Father's Day are almost always on the same week, he likes to refer to this week as his "birthday jubilee". We are required to hold a week-long celebration! There was the memorable year where these two feasts occurred on the same day. ArtGuy was not happy that year! Happily, they are usually days apart, resulting in a long celebration. We have many fun things planned for the "Pater Familias"!

Hope your week is shaping us nicely, too!

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Patty said...

Aaaah...happy birthday, ARtGuy! How young are you?