Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Life is Too Short for Tight Pants

It hit me is too short for tight pants.
My "baby" just turned 5, and most of my pre-youngest clothes still do not fit. I can no longer call it "baby weight". They cut you off after three years, I think. Luckily, the kid is cute, so it does not matter so much that he ruined my body. Not just weight - after he was born, even my OB shook his head and informed me that my "insides are permanently rearranged"...whatever that meant. I was too afraid to ask then.
Five years later I have an inkling on an idea.
Yesterday I wrested the jeans I had been wearing for the last week off my body and threw them into the wash. After seven days or so, they are just much more comfortable. So, today I had to put on fresh jeans. I chose the wrong pair - they actually fit almost everywhere. Almost...
As I struggled to button them, I actually longed for a pair of those "mom jeans" off the SNL skit. Not so funny now...
I wore the stupid jeans all morning, then surrendered. I was miserable, and we all know the saying - "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".
Now I start this blog in a pair of comfy black sweatpants...with an elastic waistband!