Monday, June 7, 2010

Smells Like Scotland

(This post was from Sunday, June 6 - Unfortunately, Blogger went down on some of us and I couldn't post this until now, when the problem was finally resolved! Whew!)

It was another hot day here in Texas!

 This is me yesterday, not me today. Me today was in a nice, air-conditioned house!
Today was ArtGuy's turn to go to the Highland Games in Arlington, TX. He had not seen a competition yet, so he was excited to go. Romeo went, but Cookie Boy decided to stay in the air conditioned comfort of home and help me with the Mad Toddler!
The Young Adult competed in the Lilt and Flora today, the National dances. The National dances are more flowing and more like social dances than the others. The Young Adult came in last in both (5th and 6th places), but he is okay with that. He received some nice comments from others on how improved he was since the Houston Highland games, which was really nice.

The Young Adult enjoyed walking around the festival in his kilt. "I actually look like everyone else here," he exclaimed! He also enjoyed some haggis, in spite of the heat and in spite of it being made of sheep organs! Brave lad!
We really enjoyed going to the clan tents yesterday and talking to some of the people there. They were a very friendly, talkative group! I really wish it hadn't been so hot. I would have liked to talk longer, but the heat and sun were killing me! I had to giggle, though, because it reminded me of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding - the part when the dad says, "You give me a word, any word, and I will prove to you that it comes from the Greek"! Only at the Scottish Heritage tent it was, "Give me a last name, any name, and I will prove to you it originates in Scotland"! I found the early version of my current last name, my mother's maiden name, and a few more family names besides! I love feeling like I belong there! Now I want some tartan!

Before I go, I wanted to share a couple more pictures of the dancing. Not from today. Didn't I mention I didn't go. ArtGuy did. So, no camera, no pics! However, I wanted to show you Cupcake and Cutie Pie. They are so fun to watch! They are elegant and delicate in their dance. Cupcake is sweet and yummy, like a cupcake. She makes me smile when I see her, just like I smile when I see a cupcake. I swear she and The Young Adult are related, they are so much alike!
 Cupcake (above) rockin' the Swords! She placed 2nd in her group!

Cutie Pie (above) is just that - so cute and bubbly. She is full of fun and smiles. Her energy reminds me of Tigger, and she is as sweet and pleasant as can be.
Cutie Pie (left) getting an awesome jump on the swords!

That Cupcake! She caught me with the camera every time....

and again....

and again!

I did not get an "after" picture of the Murphy Highland Dancers with their ribbons and medals this time. the poor kiddos were to hot and sweaty to wait around and pose!

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Patty said...

Looks like a good time! David won a haggis hurl competition once! Way too funny to watch.."Hurl that haggis!" REally, that is what the announcer would yell in the mic.