Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Weekend in Pictures

My....well, I don't know what she is. My cousin's daughter - is that my second cousin or my first cousin-once-removed? Anyway - My cousin's daughter is expecting a little girl in August. I am going to one of her showers today. I love my boys, but buying little girl stuff is just so much fun!
Oh my gosh! I couldn't resist these! Sooooo sweet!

I am just a little pile of mush right now. Sigh!

Romeo (left) and Cookie Boy (right) waiting the start of the Frisco RoughRiders baseball game to start. It was Scout night. They got to go down on the field for the Naional anthem. More imortantly, they got to sit in the all-you-can-eat section. When you have all boys, you come to realize anything all-you-can-eat is a bargain!

Cookie Boy running in front of the screen after the game. Great picture, ArtGuy!


Patty said...

That park is so family friendly. I love it there.

GMN said...

Cute cute baby girl stuff! The boys look great in their scout uniforms, and that is a cool picture in front of the sign!

texasmom said...

Yes - I love that park, too, Patty! I love it more now that we have moved closer to it!!!!