Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hopes and Dreams

Last night, I attended the high school graduation of the oldest of all my nieces and nephews. My nephew, Peter, was only 3 months old at my own high school graduation. I remember holding him in my cap and gown, happy for this grinning, drooling baby. Last night I watched this  tall, muscular young man who has overcome a host of  tribulations (including struggling with dyslexia and enduring the long death of his mother, my sister, from cancer). It was amazing moment. Sometimes we worried this day might not come. It didn't have to. But he persevered and worked and made it! Along with about 700 of his classmates!

 High school motto.

This class of about 700 is perhaps slightly smaller than many area high schools. It felt very long, however!

The "jumbo-tron", giant screen was a big help!

I loved this kid who could rock both a mohawk and a bass!

There he is, waiting! 

We sat through the same speeches from the principal, salutatorian, and valedictorian that were and are occuring in high schools across the country. On one hand, it was tedious and one's heart felt for all the bright-eyed young people. They all looked so fresh and naive, eager to go out into the world. My heart was moved with pity and fear for all their eagerness, yet inspired by their energy and desire to go out and conquer the world

What is that, here? Could it be.....


Oh yes, the concessions were open! Nothing says "class" like a graduation with nachos and popcorn. All we were missing was the beer and peanut guy!


Almost there!

Oh yeah!

All done!

My handsome nephew. I love him so much I will put this picture on here, even though I hate photos of myself!

Congrats, class of 2010!


Patty said...

What a great moment! That was huge for him, I agree. Yes, he is good looking! He gets his looks from his maternal side :)

atnminn said...

Very nice, Christine. I appreciate seeing the pictures.