Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am already losing count of where we are in the week, since we have not been doing school.

Yes, despite all my intentions to keep going with school, we have ground to a halt here. The 10 year old is sick, the 12 year old and I are butting heads, and the Mad Toddler is such a force to be reckoned with this week, I have not the strength to be creative-and-fun-while-teaching-[fill in the subject] this week! Maybe by next week I will have recovered my energy and re-doscovered my sense of humor (although at this moment, I am not sure I have ever had one).

I am in the middle of re-organizing the house. Last week it was my bedroom. This week is the school closet. One of the reasons we loved this house when we bought it last year is that it has a ginormous linen closet. It has plenty of rooms for towels, sheets, blankets, board games, and still an entire section for school books - 4 whole shelves of them! But like everything else, by the end o' the school year it is looking a little abused.

At the moment I have six or seven decks of cards spread over my bedroom floor, trying to figure out it any of them is a complete set. Yup - this might take a while!

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GMN said...

Help! playing cards are like the mail John gets ever since he sent a small contribution to the Republican party. They multiply! I think there's a stack of mail a foot high on the edge of his desk. :) It might just fall into the trash can tomorrow!