Friday, June 18, 2010

Cleaning Up

Wow! What a match today in the World Cup! The US and Slovenia tied 2-2, but there were some very bad calls by the ref. All in all, a nail biter!

I continue on my crusade to clean the house! I cleaned the linen closet/school closet upstairs. That was all last week. It is a major triumph to get that done. It was one of the first things I organized last year when we moved in, so we could get going with school. It has been in heavy use all year, and it deserved a good reorganization!

Today it is the laundry room. Well, at 5x6 or whatever, it is hardly a "room". Still, it is probably the hardest working area of the house. Four boys generate a lot of laundry! It is also one of those areas that seems to get random stuff crammed into it. Not sure what to do with that box? Put it on the washing machine!

Speaking of the washing machine, I have to sort through the cup of "stuff" that falls out of the boys' pockets and laundry baskets - rocks, marbles, legos, pennies, magnets, and so on. I have decided all money shall be donated to the Laundry of Mom!

The Mad Toddler is in fine form today. We have had several time outs, and lots of tantrums. Thank goodness for his big brothers, who are there to help and give me a little relief when things get rough!

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