Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot as......

Hot as..... well, you fill in the blank!

Yes, this is certainly recommended dressing for 100 degree weather.
"Hey, honey! I hear it is going to hit 100 degrees today."
"Awesome! Well, then I am for sure going to wear my wool kilt, my long-sleeved dress shirt, my knee-length black socks, and my wool hat. That's perfect!"

Yes, it was hot. I do not like hot. Can you tell?

The Young Adult and I spent the day at the North Texas Scottish Festival. It would have been fun if it had been in say, April or November, even February in the midst of one of those freak snowstorms we had this past year. June - not so much!

We DID see many bagpipers:

We sat through a couple of hours of Highland dancing. The kids all did remarkably well, in spite of the heat. The Young Adult's friends and fellow Murphy Highland Dancers, Cupcake and Cutie Pie, both placed in the top three in some dances. The Young Adult made a solid showing, winning 4th place ribbons in all 3 of his performances. He had some trouble.

His shoe laces came untied during the Fling (a no-no),

he stepped on the swords during the Sword dance (a no-no-no!):
(sword stepping not shown here - I think I barely breathed during this dance!)

and he started on the wrong foot for the Seann Truibhas (a no-no-no-NO!) 

Amazingly, he did not disqualify on any, and while he is not happy with his performance, I think he did well for his second competition! We have two more dances tomorrow - the Lilt and the Flora, so maybe he can place once. 

Enjoying a well-earned mango snowcone! Ahhhhhh!

Time to go home! 
Unless your mom misses a turn and ends up somewhere you weren't expecting, but then she finally finds her way to a known road only to get stuck in traffic, then you have to take another exit and go through lots of lights to get back home. You know, if that happened....


GMN said...

That boy is getting too handsome! I love the action pictures. Hope today was cooler weatherwise!

Melissa said...

Way to go! Those competitions are hard!