Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day - that day when dads all over the what? Take a nap? Barbeque? Go to the lake?

Well, however you spent your Father's Day, I hope it was fun.

We started off our day by letting ArtGuy sleep in! I got up with the Mad Toddler and watched some World Cup. Then, we started breakfast preparations. ArtGuy loves waffles, grapefruit, and sausage, so that it what he got! Of course, he also loves orange juice, but since I forgot to pick that up, he did not get to enjoy that!

I used a waffle recipe from Epicurious for Belgian Waffles with Glazed Bananas! Yummo! The recipe called for "firm" bananas for the topping. Mine were somewhere between "good for banana bread" and "what is that oozing out the side". It still tasted excellent, and the bananas were really spreadable (being mushy), and combined with the maple syrup, tasted like warm, buttered banana bread. Sigh!
Here is a picture of the waffles, sans bananas!

Artguy received a framed picture of the rest of us for his office wall. You know, so he can remind himself what it is all about when he is home-away-from-home! We made him a special book, and Romeo drew his dad a portrait of himself (ArtGuy, that is). Then, we relaxed!

We ended the day by celebrating a very special Father's day. Mark, someone I have known from childhood, has married a lovely woman. They have had difficulty starting a family. She announced she was expecting last year. We watched her at church with joy, until the Sunday she did not show up. Mark told us things were not going well, and she was on bed rest in the hospital for the time being. But as long as she did not show up at church, everything was fine.
   Last September, they walked into church together. Our hearts dropped. If she was there, then there was no baby. Through tears, we learned they had delivered a boy, and he was still alive. He was born in early September, but was due after Christmas. He was only 23 weeks in utero at birth, and weighed just over one pound.
  Against all odds, little baby B as made it. He is a beautiful boy, with gorgeous eyes. He has the power to completely distract me at church when I sit next to him. He is a real miracle, and his parents have made it through a tough road to celebrate their first Mother's Day and Father's Day this year.
  Today we were honored to be part of the celebration of this little guy's baptism and life.

Happy Father's Day!

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