Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally, a Break!

 Ahhhh - a full jar of M&Ms! I am ready for summer!
This week will be a school-free week! Call it a mini-vacation, if you will. We are all excited for a break from books and homework (and planning and grading)!

This is our 7th year of homeschool (oh my gosh - really!), and every year I plan to end on a certain date and then do some neat summer activities. Every year I poop out in early May and we just call it quits for the year. Not this year! This year we have really stuck to our plan. We will be taking this week off, but next week we will resume. We are not finished with several of our subjects.

Plus, this year, I want to try not having a summer break. We will have breaks, just not a break that lasts 2 or 3 months. I think we will take all of July off. That should give us all time to rest and relax. It should give me time to plan, prepare, and organize.
So, June 1-4 - school break
June 7-30 - school, finishing subjects, drills, and projects
August...who knows!

Of course, we will still hit the pool as much as possible!

The Mad Toddler and I took an awesome (short) trip to Austin this weekend to see my “Little brother” (the irony, and thence the quotes, comes from the fact that while he is two years younger, my little bro' is a foot taller than I am!). I had fun seeing my niece and nephew and came away, as usual, with a million new thoughts and ideas inspired by my brother and his wife. They are hip enough to live in Austin! I am barely hip enough to visit!
My brother and I made a quick trip to Half-Price Books for their Memorial Day sale – everything was 20% off. I only picked up four things, and they were all school related. But very cool, nonetheless! One of my favorites is a book about the US Constitution - in graphic form! It will be an awesome addition to us wrapping up our semester studying the Constitution!

  And this little retro gem that will be fun to do with Texas history this next year:


Patty said...

Enjoy your week off! Glad you had fun in Austin.

Melissa said...

that's what we do....drills and misc things in June, off July, start August, makes it nice to have time off during the year.