Friday, May 31, 2013

End of the School Year

One. More. Week.

Usually, I poop out at the beginning of May. This year, with a high schooler, I stuck to our schedule a little better. But, Lord Almighty, it is JUNE tomorrow.

I am SO done!

This funny blog post from Jen Hatmaker has been making the facebook rounds today. Very, very funny. She bemoans being a bad end-of-the-school-year-mom.  I can totally relate.

Which is sad.

'Cause we homeschool.

Yes indeedy. Officially, we finish next Friday. Except the Young Adult. He enrolled in the "Slow Science Biology Course", apparently.

Meanwhile, my house looks like a pit. Junk piled everywhere, dust accumulating. Every day, multiple times a day, as I go up and down the stairs, I pass a suitcase on the landing, still packed from the past day of homeschool coop (which was in April). I feel a little guilt every time I see it. Yet, there it remains.  I chant to myself, "As soon as school is done. As soon as school is done."

I have visions of lazy days, swimming pool trips, air-conditioned movies, days of actually getting the laundry done, and having time to cook.

One. More. Week.