Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Lesson in Ruling Your Subjects

"You will do my bidding."

Well, that is what he would say if he could. The Mad Toddler is 2, and like my other boys, very verbal very early. But not that verbal. What he does not accomplish with words, he communicates in screams, shrieks, squeals, and physical commands.

For example......

The Mad Toddler calls his three big brothers to come get on the floor.

Like sheep, they meekly obey and line up, as per instructions.

The Mad Toddler repositions Cookie Boy.

At this point, I am wondering what he has in mind with this little set-up. Only Cookie Boy shows any prudence by placing his hands protectively over his head.

Is any game going to be fun if you must assume the same position as if a tornado was coming?

AH HAAAA! A flying leap reveals what has been in the Mad Toddler's mind this whole time. The boys still don't realize.


Correcting a reluctant subject.

 Even after being jumped on, the Sheep Brothers allow the Mad Toddler to crawl all over them. And yes, I documented it all.

Time to get those boys a backbone!

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