Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday to you all!

Mondays are trash and recycling pickup days. Translation - Mondays are toddler-heaven days! Every Monday we have to go outside to watch the trucks rumble down the street! The Mad Toddler loves those big trucks. We spent a couple of hours outside this morning, listening to the sounds of the trucks in the neighborhood. It took a while for them to make their way to our street.

When the trucks came, the Mad Toddler got scared of the loud noise and jumped into The Young Adult's arms. As the Young Adult pointed out, it is no bad thing for the Mad Toddler to have a little healthy fear of large, dangerous vehicles!

They're here!!!!!!

While we waited outside this morning, I tackled the garage. Well, I started anyways. Like the rest of the house, it is disorganized and messy. I made a little progress, but in so doing brought boxes and "stuff" into the laundry room.You know, the room I cleaned out last week.

One step forward, three steps back, I tell you!

11 hours with the Mad Toddler is feeling a bit beyond me today. Must be Monday!

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Patty said...

Sam use to love the garbage truck day when we first moved here. Sadly, he has outgrown it.