Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Fine Art of Discipline

Ding ding! In this corner we have "The Mad Toddler". He only looks sweet. Underneath that soft chub lies a will of steel! Don't let those big, brown eyes fool you - he is out to break your spirit in two like a toothpick!

In the other corner is Mom, aka "The Toddler-Tamer"! She has all the time in the world when it comes to waiting for time-outs to happen. Think you have what it takes to defeat her? Think again!

Yes, The Mad Toddler has reached the point where he has decided to not obey, on purpose. All things can be going along fine and dandy when the Mad Toddler turns on a dime, with a shriek and a whine. Suddenly, trains are flying across the room, crackers are ground into dust in the sweaty, chubby palm of his hand, and a furious foot is kicking out to catch whoever is nearest.

At that point, I take his little blue chair into the hallway, where he must sit for two minutes until the timer says "beep beep"! So, far he has been amazingly docile to this treatment. It was only a matter of time. Today was the breaking point.

Today the Mad Toddler decided to not stay in his chair for timeout. I dug in my heels and told him the timer can't run until his bottom is on his chair. So, the Mad Toddler sat his little rear in the chair. Then he planted his feet, placed his shoulders on the back of the chair, and raised his butt up in the air. All the while looking me in the eyes! I told him he had to stay until he could put his bottom in the chair, and walked away. Everytime I returned to check on him, he would be sitting - until he saw me. Then, no matter how he had to contort himself, he would find a way to get his rear off the seat!

What a battle of wills, I tell you! This went on for quite a while.

In all reality, I love this stage of development. You can almost see the gears of their brains turning. The Mad Toddler is finding another way to establish his independence and test his will. He is finding he has a voice (but mine is louder) and an opinion (mine is stronger!). 

But guess who won?

Let the records show that Mom wins again!

For now......


Patty said...

Keep up the tough love. It may nearly kill you, but keep it up! LOL

Heather said...

Yea Mommy! I love it when the mommy wins!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the eternal battle of the wills. "In this corner, we have Junior with his gigantic temper and desire for independence. And in this corner, we have Mom with her gigantic love and patience. Who will win this match?"

And it's.... Mom once again! :-)

And just think--one day you'll both look back on this stuff and laugh. Hopefully...