Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Math Woes

Ugh! Math! Remember the scandal over the Barbie that said, "Math is hard"? Well, frankly, I didn't understand what the fuss was all about, because I AGREE! (Okay, okay - no angry comments! I do actually understand what the fuss was all about. It was just a literary device to show exaggeration. Honest.)

Frankly, I hate math. It was the bane of my existence in school (along with chemistry, which is a story for another day). My mother actually checked with the school when they placed me in an advanced math class in 8th grade.  Geometry - barely passed it! Algebra - prayed my way through it!

This particular life truth makes teaching math to my kiddos a challenging process. I chose to use Saxon Math, simply because it came with a script for the teacher! Yes, a line-by-line reading of exactly what to say. That made me much more comfortable when in the beginning of our homeschool journey.

Recently, Romeo has decided to try Singapore Math, and I actually like that, too. He wants to continue next year. I am down with that! Cookie Boy is happy with Saxon and has no desire to move. That is good, too!

The problem is with the Young Adult....again! Always drama there. A houseful of boys does not mean the absence of drama! The Young Adult has never liked math per se, but has always done well. Until this year. This year, it has been like watching the Titanic sink...slowly....over and over.

He is still working on finishing Saxon Math 7/6. With another 20 lessons to go, we are talking another month of work. The problem is his grades, which have been slowly dropping all year. He seems to understand the lessons, but mangles homework problems and tanks tests.

ArtGuy was supposed to be on the case, but after a week of two of helping out, disappeared from the homeschooling scene, much to my stress and sorrow. So, it has been back to me. And trust me, I am not a good one for explaining where you went wrong in a math problem.

Now I am trying to decide if he needs to repeat this particular year in math. Also, I am thinking of using the Saxon Dive CD's to help teach him. For now, we are going to take a Saxon break and do some Singapore math to change the pace. The Young Adult is getting quite discouraged, as is his mother!


Pragmatic Mom said...

Have you tried Life as Fred for the Young Adult? My oldest who does NOT love math is tolerating Life as Fred.

I blog about it at http://pragmaticmom.com You would like it as the mom; it's a self paced, do-it-yourself narrative math curriculum. The answers are built into the units.

Pragmatic Mom
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texasmom said...

Thanks, Pragmatic Mom! I will look into that!