Sunday, August 1, 2010

All Done

Ahhhh - the schoolroom is cleaned and organized (or as organized as it is going to be!). We are all ready for the first day of school tomorrow!

sorting toys

all clean and ready

We are still waiting for several books, as my budget did not allow me to purchase everything already. However, we have plenty to be going on with. The boys are excited...mostly.

I am falling asleep sitting up. It has been a long day! Up at 5:30am to get ready for Mass, then off to sing at the 7am service. A stop at Target on the way home for those last minute school supplies, then home to finish the schoolroom. Then, a lovely break to join with a new group learning chant (during which I almost fell asleep! Not that it was boring! When I have 7am Mass, I usually nap afterwards, but I didn't today, so I started zoning about 4pm). Then home to nap a little while the rest of the family was at Mass. After which we met up at a local pizza place we have never tried before - and will never try again. One word - eeeeeuuuuuwww! Then home again to finish prepping for school. Then  a little relaxing, and now a few moments with you before I go to bed!

The Mad Toddler enjoys some "jelly bread"

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GMN said...

looks so appealing and work ready! Congratulations!