Monday, August 30, 2010

Rought Start

Today was a rough start to the week! Whew!

I think the marathon lego meeting Friday wore me out. Saturday was fine, but then Sunday was busy all day. All good things, but busy. As a result, I am starting this week tired and draggy. Not a good way to begin!

I was thinking about hormones and emotions the past few days. The ebb and flow of hormones in a woman's body can cause a chain reaction of emotions at times. These feelings can seem random, sudden, or out-of-proportion.
I know the good side - four times in my life I have received a life within me. I nurtured those lives, felt them move, and knew them in a way my husband cannot even really comprehend. That is the beautiful side of it all.

But on the "minus" side, ArtGuy can go through his days and weeks without the major interruption of crazy, hay-wire feelings running amok. He is very unlikely to say, "I just feel sad today, and I don't know why"! I envy him this, and I so wish God would let him try on the emotional shoes of a woman (a PMSing woman would be best) for a day. It sounds like I am mad at ArtGuy, but I am not. I am just frustrated with my own crazy emotions and the toll they can take on me.

Even homeschooling moms have crazy days!

Joshua asleep on the silly wig 

Warning: Toddler at Play

uh oh! He found the suncreen. Why was it with the toys?

I know, I know - look at that face! How can I call him the Mad Toddler?

The Young Adult, the original Mad Toddler!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Christine, I can relate to you in so many ways - minus the homeschooling. God Bless!!

- jana