Saturday, July 31, 2010

School Prep

Two days until school starts, and I am not ready!

Today is a cleaning day - clean the school room, put away last year's work (which I was only too grateful to ignore during our summer break), and get this year's books and supplies out and waiting.

I always loved the first day of school. New pencils and pens, new books, new classes, new promise. The beginning of school always held that note of promise, that this year I would shine, this year I would find my way, this year would be full of fun and growth. Well, I was always a nerd!

I hope my kids get that same experience, in spite of homeschooling in classes of one! They always seem excited about the new supplies, and they greet each new package of new books with sequels. I know they are excited about the start of our homeschool coop, about a month away. They love those classes, and being with their friends for a while.

So now, it is tidy and organize! At the moment our school room is a mess, as I have dragged the Mad Toddler's toys out of his bin. It is time to put away the little baby stuff and face the fact that it is no longer links and rattles, but trains, cars, and blocks that amuse him! At just over two, I will need to come up with some items to occupy him during school time. He is not quite ready for the preschool "While I Wait" box I assembled for Romeo when he was 3 and 4. I have kept back some special art supplies for him, among a few other things.

ArtGuy has all the boys at the community pool for the moment. I am blasting some cool music while I try to tame the mess around me. The air is heavy with the scent of cleaners as I scrub shelves and windowsills. It is blissful!

Now, back to work!


Patty said...

Good luck with your school year!

texasmom said...

right back at you, Patty!