Monday, August 2, 2010

First Monday

Ah - the first day of school is over! We made it, and it went well! Well, except for the Mad Toddler! It had nothing to do with school, but the Mad Toddler has been melting down all day long! Other than that, it has been a successful day.

We accomplished:
history for Romeo and Cookie Boy (still waiting for the Young Adult's books)
US History
Literature (but not for Cookie Boys, as we are still waiting on his book!)
and a little organization of last year's work

My mom brought by four pairs of shoes she picked up on a major clearance for me! Yes, four pairs of shoes. Did I mention that they are cute shoes? They are! I do not buy shoes for myself very often. Or when I do they are "practical" and necessary-because-my-old-pair-is-falling-apart!
(I took pictures of the shoes on my feet. I was going to show you. Then I looked at the pictures. I do not want to show you! The shoes are cute; my feet are not! Have I ever mentioned that I abhor pictures of myself. Especially since I have remained so big post-Mad Toddler. Ick. So, my apologies. No pictures.)

I realize that my posts lately have been "daily stuff" and no "big ideas". Oh well! Hopefully my brain will kick in again soon!

Today is around 104. I think I got a sunburn driving the Young Adult to a friend's house. Blech!

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Patty said...

Glad it went well today. I go with practical shoes, too. They seem to feel better. Mom always said, "Take care of your feet and they'll take care of you." In Korea, they consider the feet the "second" heart. A lot of truth in that.