Friday, August 6, 2010

Know When To Fold 'Em

Sounds like a post about laundry, huh?
Despite the fact that I have been doing laundry all week, it isn't! By the way, doing laundry is neither soothing nor relaxing for me. I hate it. But it is triple-y worse when your 11-yr-old dryer takes 2 to 3 tries to dry a load. It becomes a looooong, stretched out process. I wish I had laundry fairies. But alas! No laundry fairies in this house but me!

Nope. The title of this post refers to my day. At 10:21am, I concede defeat. This day and this week have overwhelmed me. Not at all the way I saw this week going, but it did.

Next week's mission: to find joy in life no matter what, or who, happens.


Patty said...

Oooh! That dryer is a bummer. You know, you might find a deal on Craig's list for a nice used one.

The last two things we looked for on Craig's list, we hit the jackpot. (a nice used truck for David and an inexpensive microscope for Sally.)

Worth a shot. You may have to watch daily before you find something.

mandd3 said...

So sorry the week didn't go well. I hope next week is drastically improved. I hate laundry too, except towels - the symmetry in folding towels pleases me. Everything else could rot into the ground for all I care. And I never remember to offer it up because I am too busy hating it. Maybe that should be my goal for next week. remember to offer up the laundry!