Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Other than a parent meeting for our homeschool coop this morning, we had nothing else going on. The Young Adult is out at a potluck/games night for middle school kids. And the rest of the boys were invited to a Star Wars movie and fun night at a friend's house....only I forgot. I forgot to RSVP, forgot to put it on the calendar, forgot everything. Bummer! I just saw the hostess's status, and she referenced the party and THAT is when I remembered! Dang!

Yesterday's four hour First Lego League session left me wiped out! Not just me, apparently. We all struggled to stay awake today, except the Mad Toddler. He sat in his bed for over an hour, yelling and calling our names, refusing to take a nap. Little toot! ArtGuy and I dozed off during a late afternoon viewing of Blue's Clues, and I found The Young Adult asleep in his bed about 15 minutes before our friends picked him up for game night! Cookie Boy flopped around on the couch all afternoon. Romeo went out to ride bikes with friends, so he managed to feel energetic, as well!

And that's it, people! No deep thoughts, no moods, no intellectual brain has shut down! Time for a little light snack, and then off to bed so I can haul my patootie up at 5:30am in order to cantor the 7am service in the morning. La la la la laaaaa!

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Melissa said...

Did more boys go this time? Maybe Alex will reconsider if there is a good male representation.