Saturday, August 21, 2010

Labor of Love

I absolutely hate cutting hair.

The little cut hairs get in my face and in my nose. They pierce my skin and sometimes get caught like splinters in my feet.  As the hairs fly off and land on my arms and hands, it feels like little needles or glass shards all over.

There are five males in my family, so the technicality of the hair cut is not difficult. It is the ick factor, I guess. And when you add up one haircut at $12-$15 times 5.....well, it just makes so much more sense for me to do it and save us all the money.

I have been doing the ol' Catholic thing and trying to "offer up" more of the things I find distasteful or irritating. Like this. So, all through the hair cuts, I prayed for each one as I cut their hair - thanking God for their unique gifts, asking for help for their health and safety, praying for guidance on the path of life each one is on. And I bit my tongue really, really hard to not say, "I hate cutting hair"!

Did it make it easier to bear? Not really.

But hopefully it made it more fruitful.


Brandi Leach said...

Haha. I wish I were brave enough to cut Andrew's hair. It would get cut a lot more often if I were!

mandd3 said...

I doubt there is much that earns more point from God than doing something you hate with obiedience and prayer. x5 buys you a lot of gold missy!

Ang said...

Haha! I LOVE cutting the boys' hair. I actually got pretty good at it,b ut now they won't let me do it. I know what you mean about all that hair all over you. My fun and easy method for hair removal is to use the leaf blower! The kids loved it. :)