Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer School

Our school year has begun, and it is like a million degrees outside. So, this session of school will be called Summer School!

The Young Adult spent the night with a friend, and has not returned yet. So it is Romeo and Cookie Boy slaving away this morning, while the Mad Toddler runs around with a blue toy basket on his head, shouting, "I so funny"! Great - another comedian.

The school boys are working on science workbooks for the moment. The Mad Toddler has switched to jumping from cushion to cushion on the floor.

Today we covered: math, Latin, history (Greece for Romeo, Middle Ages for Cookie Boy), literature (Romeo is still finishing up Norse Myths from last semester) and science. Romeo finished his Latin lesson and then followed it with some Latin recitation. In medieval history, Cookie Boy compared Teutonic mythology of the creation of the world vs the Norse creation myth. For Ancient Greece, Romeo continued a review of the gods and did some map work. We also had a break in there for some jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups.
The Mad Toddler held "Advanced Strength Training" by jumping on his brothers' backs for push-ups!

The Mad Toddler has decided to play with a toy ATM instead. Beep-beep! beep beep beeeeeep!

Romeo finished his science lesson by performing an experiment involving pushing and pulling forces.

Things to do:
  • plan for Saturday's First Lego League meeting
  • do more laundry
  • make lunch
  • plan dinner
  • lose 20 lbs


Patty said...

Hey, are you going to do your menu/mass cooking & baking again? It seemed as though you enjoyed that last time.

texasmom said...

Yes, Patty! I have been meaning to do it for a month! I have a list all ready! I am kind of floundering trying to get dinner on the table. I really need to get it done!
Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will do it :)