Monday, April 11, 2011

The Mad Toddler Strikes Again

Okay, so I only have a few more weeks before the Mad Toddler is no longer a toddler.


He is, however, always mischievous!

His latest trick is to sneak into The Young Adult's room and scatter his millions of Pokemon cards all over the place. He can throw an amazing number of cards in 30 seconds or less. Surely soon The Young Adult will realize the wisdom of his mother's suggestion to lock his door when he is out of the room. Or to stop playing Pokemon cards. Honestly, we thought (when he was 3), he would outgrow Pokemon in a few years. Or not.

The Mad Toddler is refusing to wear shorts or short sleeves. He fusses and twists and cries. Even on the 90 degree days. I finally wrestled him into a short sleeve shirt this morning, but it took 30 minutes of fussing before he settled down. In fact, most days, he insists on pajamas all day. Not that I blame him. I would like that, too.

The Mad Toddler at the lake

Mommy and her sweet boy!


Ang said...

Haha! Josh used to get home from pre-k and K, and the first thing he did was jump into his PJs. I called him the little Hugh Hefner. :)

Nicole said...

hmmm, my son is 2.5 and also refusing t-shirts and shorts! i can't figure out why, I guess he'll just be hot! i guess it's one way of him exerting his independence and freedom of choice (not that he gets a lot of that!)