Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What makes a person successful? At what point do you think, "Yes, I am successful at what I do"?

I never know how to describe myself. I know I am a mom, a homeschooler, a wife. I want to be a writer. I a writer? At what point does this become part of my identity?

I have magazine articles, web articles, and a booklet to my name. I can even type my name in and my booklet comes up - I am an author! I think....

My goal has been to publish a book this year, or at least to get a contract. It hasn't happen so far, and I am more than halfway to my next birthday. It is looking bleak. And I struggle with that. Maybe it is a by-product of staying home with kids for so many years - this need to prove myself, to prove that I have some sort of societal worth. A badge I can wear - "I am successful"!

The Young Adult is reading To Kill A Mockingbird for his literature course at the moment. It is such a great book. I was surprised to learn than To Kill A Mockingbird was Harper Lee's only book....

Her only book!

And it took her a while to get it published.

Would you say Harper Lee was not a successful author because she only wrote one book? I would never say that!
And what about music groups who are known as "one hit wonders". If they have a popular song, but only one, does that mean they are not successful? Maybe not as successful as they wished they could be.

What is success?

This is a question I struggle with.


Finding His Heart said...

I struggle with that too. I gave up my career before I had really made any mark. And now, my interests lie in areas for which I have no education or "real" experience. But I have come to terms with one thing. My ultimate success will be when I finally stand before our Lord and He hopefully says, "Job well done my good and faithful servent." I have to trust that he is leading me to do His will. And doing his will is success. I can't think of any thing more successful than letting Him live through me.

Ang said...

I had a career, and then I had my children, and now I'm back working and I don't really care for it. I do long to take my photography hobby to the next level because I enjoy it so much. If you love doing something and you do what you want with it, isn't that success?

I think life (for me) is really all about happiness and family. It doesn't matter what I do as long as I enjoy it, learn from it, and feel a sense of contribution no matter how small. Caring for my family and inspiring my kids to have a relationship with God will be my ultimate success. I think women just put so much pressure on themselves. Don't sweat it, just enjoy the process of writing and then you'll see the fruits of your labor.

Miss you online!

texasmom said...

Ang - thanks for all your words! The day you commented on several of my posts, and those showed up in my email - I was thrilled! It made my day - honestly!

I struggle so much with contentment. I love being with my kids, but it is hard to be "on duty" 24/7. Even little times out of the house are usually errands or meetings.

I want to do something more. I try to pray about it - that as God wills, not as I will.