Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Modest Toddler

The Mad Toddler has thing about clothes. He hates anything short-sleeved. In order to get him into a shirt that will not broil him on a hot Texas spring day, there must be A Plan. Usually this plan involves throwing the shirt on his body and then immediately heading out to the door for a Fabulous Adventure. Even then, there is a lot of whining and screaming involved (him, not, me).

Today, he is quite concerned about my shorts. He carefully fingers the skin above my knees and says, with a hopeful voice, "Mommy, you want to go put on long pants."

No, Mommy does not.

Sharing our bed with The Mad Toddler raises the temperature in our room by at least 10 degrees. ArtGuy will sometimes sleep without a shirt (gasp!). Upon waking, The Mad Toddler will not let his father do anything until he gets a shirt on. Pronto. He stands in the doorway of the closet with a concerned expression, hopefully fingering a heavy-weight, long-sleeved sweater.

"Maybe this one?" he asks, with hope.

"," his father replies, choosing a more sensible t-shirt insread.

The Mad Toddler was horrified when we watched an old episode of Pokemon the other day. Misty, the girl character, sports a pair of Daisy Dukes, which admittedly leaves about a mile of tweener leg showing. The Mad Toddler watched her with concern before declaring, "Oh, no. She does not have any clothes on her legs. She needs some pants."  Well, he actually has a point there.

Actually, he is most comfortable in his pajamas. Winter pajamas, of course. Flannel is preferred.

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Finding His Heart said...

Love this one! Ben has similar issues with clothes. Well, more the opposite issues. He doesn't like to wear them. Long sleves are instruments of torture. God forbid we put a jacket on him! Maybe we should get the two together:)