Sunday, April 17, 2011

Murphy's Law

So, ArtGuy and I almost never go out on any dates. Not from my lack of wanting to, I assure you!

Tonight was to be our first date night in....well, in a very long time. ArtGuy was going to pick up the babysitter after he and Cookie Boy went to Mass (Cookie Boy was on a Boy Scout campout this weekend, so it was a late church service for him.). It was already a busy day. I was up at 5:30am in order to get ready for singing at 7am Mass this morning. The Young Adult and I went to early service, then home for an hour before choir practice for the next service. The Young Adult went to work in the Toddler Room while Romeo and I went to the 11am service. By the time we got home, ArtGuy was already gone to pick up Cookie Boy. I had 45 minutes at home before off to a two-hour choir practice. Finally, I got home and the whole family was together! For an hour, until ArtGuy and Cookie Boy left.

So, you can see how I might have been looking forward to having a dinner out with ArtGuy tonight. The amount of time we actually spend together would effectively make this more like a blind date than a married-persons' outing!

Yesterday was a similarly long day. The Mad Toddler did not get a nap, and by the evening, he looked stunned. Our homeschool coop's spring program was last night, and The Mad Toddler kind of stumbled around in a daze. I laughed it off with everyone, telling my friends about how tired the poor kid was.

We finally put him in bed around 9pm. As I went to cuddle with my little guy, imagine my surprise when I realized his forehead was burning hot!

My poor baby wasn't just tired, he was sick!

I felt terrible dragging him all over yesterday, and for exposing everyone at the program last night. If I had known, we never would have gone.

Needless to say a temp of 103 date night.

Oh well. There's always next year!

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jana said...

So sorry about date night. Those are definitely rare and too far inbetween. I hope Mad Toddler feels better!