Saturday, April 23, 2011

Resurrection Day

Hear the hush,
see the dawn.
Satan cries,
“I have won!”
For, lo! The sun
is rising now
showing sorrowful Cross
upon hill’s brow.

Over there,
the tomb shut tight
its burden hid
from morning light
Inside the broken
Body rests.
Trials over,
he passed the test
but seemed to lose the fight.

Hear the hush, 
see the dawn.
Satan cries,
"My plan's undone!"
For, lo! The sun
is rising now,
showing Cross triumphant
upon hill's brow.

See the stone 
has rolled away,
the rising light
reveals the grave,
broken open,
"He is not here,"
there is no doubt -
but what does it mean?

When all seems lost
in endless night,
God's love revealed 
His greater might,
through tragedy -
not all is always
what it seems.
A Love stronger
than the hand of fate,
deeper than the swell of hate.

Death where is thy victory?
Oh painful end, where is thy sting?
For as the water
became wine,
making merely ordinary
simply divine,
now the Cross
and now the grave,
transforms our fear,
and casts it away
into the light
of Easter morn.