Friday, April 15, 2011

All Over

ArtGuy took Friday off this semester to teach in our homeschool coop, taking my place. In other words, this spring I have had NINE Fridays off. Bliss!

Today is the last day of spring coop.

I am sad.

I honor of my last Day Off, I am not writing or cleaning or anything else that is getting me no where!

I just returned from a long walk. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, although the wind in quite whippy. Now, my muscles are pleasantly painful, I have done my exercise, and I am ready to watch movies, read, and otherwise indulge until they all return home this afternoon and the jog is up.

It has been a wonderful nine Fridays. Sure, I ran errands and had meetings, but mainly it was about time and space. Space to be a person (grocery shopping without kids - gasp!), space to write (even though when I read back through it, it makes me feel like a total loser), and time to move around without the demands and arguments of four growing boys.

Thanks, ArtGuy.

This has been one of the best gifts ever!

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Brandi Leach said...

I bet your nine weeks went by faster than mine did! Glad you enjoyed your break.