Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing But Fluff

Yesterday, we made a trip to the library. As I strolled the aisles, browsing for books, I realized that all I was interested in was pure, unadulterated FLUFF! A little embarrassing, but it is the truth.

All day long, I teach. I read up on history, science, math, language arts, literature, writing, current events, and Latin. Sheesh! I can't even keep up with all that. In addition, I still try to read a little theology from time-to-time.

So, when it comes to my downtime, I want happy. I want funny. I want fun.

This all occurred to me when I realized I was re-shelving any book praised as "sobering", "thoughtful", "gripping," and most especially "poignant". Nope. Not at this time in my life. I prefer "sassy", "rollicking", "romp", "witty", or even "sly".

Life is hard enough. My pleasure reading is all about fun. And that is a word I struggle hard enough to be on familiar terms with.

Maybe one day I will get back to books with more backbone than a book with a title like "Summer on Cully Street". Someday.....when I no longer share a bed with a toddler (who kicks me all night); when I have more than five minutes to think to myself; when my husband isn't just some man I married to have someone help me drive my kids around.

But for now, I am happy to be a reading airhead!


Brandi Leach said...

Haha...I like fluff, too!

Kenneth said...

I am currently working my way through the top 100 Scifi books of all time. It's nice to just get lost in a story and forget about the real world for a little bit!

I am currently reading "Day of the Triffids" The movie scared me to death when I was a kid.

texasmom said...

Brandi - I am so glad I am not the only one. Honestly, after teaching and mothering and cleaning all day, I am just done! Plus, everything seems so depressing - the news is always bad, people can be so rude. I just want to esacpe!

texasmom said...

Kenneth - L is taking an extra-curricular class on Science Fiction, where he is reading, I believe it is 100 great Science Fiction books. He is on #3. He started with Frankenstein (which he was surprised so so creepy and downright chilling), then went to Dracula. Now it is...I can't remember!
I think it is COOL!

Kenneth said...

Some of the older Scifi books actually have a quite a bit of social commentary. It's a lot of fun to see what an author in the 50s or 60s thought were we would be by now.

Ang said...

Read? Better Homes and Garden, Reader's Digest, and TV Guide for me. :D