Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Breakers

It is noon.

I am still in my pajamas.

I love spring break!

I plan on using this week off of school to clean the house a bit. It has reached that stage - kind of a "critical mass" stage, where it is threatening to explode any moment.

But not today.

After running all over hither and yon yesterday, I am too tired to do much more than grunt out a "oh" or "hmmmm" when the kids talk to me.
The Mad Toddler is still running a fever, but no other symptoms. Very weird and very frustrating. I am hoping whatever bug he is fighting will disappear by tomorrow. He is not one of those quiet sick kids, like Cookie Boy always has been. Instead, he is more wound up than normal.  A little hectic.

I did manage to stir enough to run the dryer, and if I don't forget, I will actually fold that load of laundry later.

It is good to have goals.

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