Thursday, October 14, 2010

Swagger Van of Shame

About 8 1/2 years ago, we bought a mini-van.

The Young Adult was 4, Cookie Boy was 2, and Romeo was a couple of weeks old. Before Romeo's birth, I broached the subject of a larger car with ArtGuy, but he convinced me I could manage with the 15 year old Toyota Camry I already had. (By the way, the Camry was absolutely my favorite car I have ever had, so no offense to the car!) It only took a few weeks of trying to get three kids into car seats/booster seats in the backseat of a small, 80's compact car to know we HAD to have a larger car.

ArtGuy went shopping and brought back our first ever mini-van. It wasn't anywhere near new, but it was a great van. For 8 1/2 years it has carried us around to soccer games, to practices, to classes, to church, to vacations. It has brought home thousands of groceries and carried camping supplies to many parks and preserves.

I know, it sounds a bit like an obituary. I could only wish. My van is like a horse with a broken leg that no one can stand to pull the trigger on.

The paint is peeling all over. Worse, it squeaks. ArtGuy is going to get the brakes looked at next week, but it is embarrassing. You can hear me coming from a mile away. Squeak - SQUEAK - SQUEEEK- SQUEEKA-SQUEEK!
Car acne on the hood

Top acne

It also randomly dies. Thank God not while I am driving it! At random times when I go to start it, nothing happens. It can go weeks without dying, then - BAM! Nothin'. Sometimes ArtGuy can jump start it, sometimes we have to leave it overnight. We have been told it isn't the battery.
In fact, it just happened...again. We were all in the van, ready to take the Young Adult to practice while we went to the store. We piled in the van, turned the key several times, then all piled back out and trooped back into the house. 
it will come down on our heads one day


We have no money for a car payment. Since we will be paying off the Mad Toddler and my appendix for years to come, we are stretched quite thin enough, thank you.

the automobile version of liver spots

But something will have to be done...soon.

I need a fairy Carmother!

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