Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick Post

I have about 10 things I want to write about, but am too tired by the time I get a chance to actually write! Someday soon, perhaps?

I think a lot of my "creative energy" is being taken away by legos and children. Who knew?

The Rangers finally pulled a win out on the big World Series stage! whew! They are better than they played in games 1 and 2. I had to laugh at ArtGuy. He is not a huge sports fan but has been known to get a little rowdy with the Dallas Mavericks. I have never seen him like this with baseball, though. I made him turn off game #2 (before it was 0-9, actually)! It is cute to see him and the boys all into it.

The Mad Toddler has a serious diaper rash. There is nothing sadder than a teary-eyed two-year old coming up to you and sniffling, "It hurts on my botis (bottom). I can't sit down."

Halloween tomorrow. Something I grew up without. Still is strange to me. Romeo will be Frodo, and ever inventive Cookie Boy is going as a box. The Young Adult has declared himself too old for such nonsense,and at 5' 8" and a voice deeper than many grown men's, I think he would scare the pants off homeowners.

Speaking of the Young Adult...praying for him and all the other boys at the big Boy Scout camporee. Sigh. I always worry when he is gone.

Threw my back out again this week. Sigh. Pain every minute of every day. I hate it.

Off to relax before a 5:30 alarm clock wake-up in the morning. Nothing like the early Mass to get your day going!

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