Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Laid Plans

The end of our week runs like delicate clockwork - take Young Adult here, switch cars with ArtGuy, ArtGuy takes kids home while I go to a meeting, come home, finish preparing for my Friday coop classes. And then Friday and Saturday go in a likewise crazy manner.

Unless the Mad Toddler starts barfing right after he falls alseep for Thursday nap.  Which he did.


That was a lot of cleanup.

He stopped before bedtime, and today seemed better. Until he skipped his nap. It is 4pm, and at the moment, he is in his room (for chucking trains at my head), banging on his door, screaming bloody murder.

Long day.

Romeo's friend Speedy just came over to ask if they could ride bikes to the park and play. I said only if the Young Adult agreed to go, which of course he did not. Speedy said it was okay with their dad, but I said no. It requires crossing a fairly busy major neighborhood road. It would be away from parental eyes. Not always a good thing at a park. Not when you are 8. But his dad said it was okay! I feel bad, but no! I am trained in safe environment with the Mental Health Asc. of Greater Dallas, and with the Diocese of Dallas. I am not going to give in to parental peer pressure.

But it all adds up to feeling like a bad mom today!

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