Wednesday, October 20, 2010

14 Years

When you have been married one year, you order pizza because you are so poor even that seems like a big deal, but it doesn't matter because you have been married a whole year.

When you have been married two or three years, you go out to celebrate wearing your sexiest clothes, and then hurry home for.....some "alone time".

When you have been married for 14 years, you wear whatever is clean, wait until the toddler has gone to bed, leave instructions with the big kids, and then hurry home so you can make it to the store before it closes so you can grab some milk because you are all out at home (and so you can watch the Rangers finishing whomping the Yankees!).

ArtGuy and I today

Yeah, things change.

ArtGuy and I 14 years ago

Yesterday was our 14th wedding anniversary. Pretty amazing how much time has passed. At times it feels pretty amazing to have made it this far.
Sometimes marriage seems like the biggest joke in the world and sometimes it is the sweetest gift known to humankind.

Happy Anniversary!

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