Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello, Gorgeous!

I love October! That is why I chose that month for my wedding! It is a beautiful month, even in plain ol' North Central Texas.

This week the weather is superb! Stunning! Gorgeous! Amazing! Makes me even forgive the brutal heat of August and September!

We have been taking advantage of the weather all day long. In and out. Playing ball, playing sand, sitting on the porch, having class in the backyard - bliss!

In other news, the Mad Toddler has taken to calling me "Big, Fat Mommy". So nice to hear, especially as I am still quite a bit overweight! Kinda smarts, you know? That is okay - I am working on it. Almost two months on Weight Watchers has only brought a little bit of weight loss, but I am feeling really, really good. One major change I noticed this week - I am losing weight on my tummy. However, having had 4 children (and the last two being 9 1/2 pounds and 10 1/2 pounds respectively) has done its damage. As I can start to see what a flatter tummy is going to look like, let me just say I totally get tummy tucks now!

Regardless, I know the Mad Toddler doesn't "mean" it! He is so totally in love with me, it is smothering at times. He is in that "possessive" stage of infatuation, and no one does anything like mommy can!

Happy October!

Plane watching is always fun! One of the joys of living near an airport!


Romeo practicing some moves!

Cookie Boy blocks a goal attempt

Joshua says, "I wanna come out"!

Aw, man!

Cool reflection

Wow - windows slim me down - cool!

One happy Mad Toddler

Go, Cookie Boy!

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