Monday, October 4, 2010

St Francis Day

Happy Feast of St. Francis to everyone!

St. Francis is one of those saints beloved the world over, by people of many faiths. How cool is that?

This is from a saint card ArtGuy made and I wrote a few years ago for  class I taught

Today is Romeo's feast day, as his middle name is Francis. He is the only child to not carry a family member's name for his middle name! Both ArtGuy and I went to different Franciscan universities, and we loved the whole Franciscan way of life. Believe me, we certainly live the "poverty" part of it, although quite unintentionally! So, Romeo's middle name is Francis, so today we celebrate in a big way!
Happy feast day, Romeo!

Our parish held a noon mass outside in honor of the day. It was really cool! It isn't often we get to go outside for church. The birds were singing, the sun was shining in a blue sky, and a cool breeze caressed our faces - how perfectly Franciscan is that?

Waiting to begin

It sure was sunny!

St. Gabriel's

After Mass we spent a few minutes frolicking in the playground, until the Mad Toddler had a big #2 and had to be carried screaming and wailing off to the car. He was in quite a mood today, anyway!

We are too cool for this playground


Trying to get a pic of the 4 boys. Notice the Mad Toddler standing defiantly in the background?

...and there he goes!

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