Friday, October 1, 2010

Mass Lego Confusion

So tonight was our weekly First Lego League meeting.

Wow. Can't do that on Friday again. That was a long day! Four hours at coop followed by bringing home 9 boys (plus the Mad Toddler) for hanging out, a pizza dinner, then diving into our meeting.

I literally have been dreaming of Legos for weeks now. Not good dreams. One night I woke up and was 30 minutes into planning a meeting before I even realized I was awake and thinking about Legos again! This madness must stop!

Our team is just sooooo far, still. 10 boys make a lot of noise, and that noise can lead to confusion and chaos, and that is what is happening. Plus, a few strong personalitites take over and a few shyer ones draw back. Each week we regroup and reform and try new strategies.

There is progress. They are grasping new ideas and absorbing new concepts and trying to plan. So many ideas and not enough time or group patience to hear them all.

Without our computer programming expert we would be sunk! Kenneth's example and demos give light to their eyes. That part is working great.

I love the boys to death. They are fun and a joy to me to be around. I so desperately want this to work for them. At least enough so they do not feel discouraged.

So, we plan and continue on! And hopefully tonight, no dreams about Legos!!!!

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