Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Theme of the Day

The theme of the day is...trains!

The Mad Toddler has two great passions in life: big trucks and trains. We spend a lot of time talking about both!

I am thrilled he loves trains. The Young Adult did, too. The middle two boys liked train, but did not love them. I was so happy when the Mad Toddler fell in love with trains. Maybe because it takes me back to the early days of parenthood, but I like to think it is because trains are just fun!

We read a lot of  Thomas the Tank Engine. A. Lot. The Mad Toddler can quote entire stories. The following clip features the Mad Toddler singing a song from a Thomas story featuring the engine named Gordon, who falls off the rails and into a ditch. Some boys come along and sing a song "Silly old Gordon fell in a ditch". This is the Mad Toddler's version:

Below is a Thomas a friend passed on to us. Thank goodness, because the Mad Toddler's Thomas has been missing for two or three weeks now.
Thomas the Tank Engine, of course

Henry and James

More trains.

We have multiple train tracks all over the house. Miles of train tracks. The boys all make tracks from time-time. 

Even the cat gets in on the fun. He likes to place his furry body right on the edge of the tracks. Livin' on the wild side!

Big trucks - the other love

 I am just thrilled I managed to get a pic of the Mad Toddler sans boogers and fully clothed (potty training, remember!). It has been one of those snotty weeks.

a rather handsome engine

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Ang said...

Well, I think I have some Thomas books I can pass on to you. I miss Josh's trains. He isn't into them anymore! But I'm not parting with all the Thomas sets we bought. Well, maybe one or two. :) We have several of those little wind up Thomas characters. Those are so cute!