Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Popcorn revisted and Schedule Nightmares

Thanks to intrepid reader Katy, I think I have fixed the popcorn link from the previous post! THIS link should get you to Cookie Boy's popcorn account!

Buy popcorn, or donate to the troops - support scouting! :)

Moving on....

Schedules - ugh! The word itself makes me shudder!

I admit it - I over committed this semester. Seriously. I have one night a week free. I hate that. I do not delight in being busy, nor in bragging about how little free time I have.

Mondays are Boy Scouts, but ArtGuy handles that; Tuesday evenings are dance for The Young Adult; Wednesday is a triple threat - soccer, youth group, and choir; Thursday is dance, but ArtGuy will pick up The Young Adult, so I just have to drop off (which is still an hour of driving round-trip); Friday is coop and Cub Scouts, and Saturday evening is First Lego League. And Sundays....sigh. Sundays can be brutal. Every other week I cantor at the 7am service, which means getting up at 5:30 am. Then grocery shopping for the week on the way home, drop off food, and run to choir at the 11am service. Then home for lunch and a nap, then chant in the afternoon!

So - it is a little stressful this semester! There is so much prep work for coop and First Lego League. Well, and homeschooling, too.

Luckily, ArtGuy is taking on more himself. And next semester, I take a break from coop!

So, the past few weeks have been trying to get a hold on these things. Only I forgot about scout meetings and campouts when it came to scheduling lego meetings!

Now on to laundry!

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