Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful Monday

It is a gorgeous Monday here in North Central Texas! I woke up this morning to find the upstairs thermostat reading lower than the AC settings! Whoo hoo! It will get warmer again, I have no doubt, but this does mean summer is officially over!

A friend, Fara, gave birth to a son this morning. Welcome to the world, Baby Z! What a great day to be born!

Today is "What's in My Laundry Monday"! Let's see what I unearthed in the last week:

Okay - at the 12 o'clock position we have a pink feather. Yup. In a house of all males, you can guess where that came from. It was mine! The cat found a pink feather boa and attacked it, scattering feathers all over the house. This one ended up in my laundry.
At the 3 o'clock position we have a metal ball. I think that is from one of the boys' magnet sets.
Next is a rubber band. Then we have a penny. At the rate I am collecting money from the laundry, I should be able to afford a trip to the movies by the time I am 80! After the penny we have a purple "jewel". This came off a craft project from Romeo's "Kings, Queens, Knights, and Castles" class.
And lastly we have a dragon beanie baby. He sneaked in and now his hide is bright and gleaming!

The Mad Toddler drew his first smiley face today! ArtGuy is thrilled. The boys were full of praise. It was exciting moment in our household!

The Mad Toddler's first happy face

The Mad Toddler did not nap today. Bummer! I did, however. I ignored his babbling and calling my name and grabbed a quick nap (he was in his crib). After I woke up, I figured we might as well walk down to the park for a quick play time! It was beautiful outside. Cookie Boy went with us.
Awesome weather!


Cookie Boy
Now I am off to bake some brownies for Cookie Boy's feast day! Yumm-o!

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