Friday, September 24, 2010

Growing Up


I remember when the Young Adult could fit into my arms.

Now he is 12 1/2. He stands currently at 5' 8", with the same shoe size as his dad. It is hard to believe.

The other day, ArtGuy was going around, telling each of us good-bye before he left for work. I was not watching as ArtGuy approached the Young Adult, but I could hear. ArtGuy said, "Good-bye, Young Adult", and the Young Adult replied, "Good-bye". That does not sound too out of the ordinary, does it? The really, really weird thing is that I could not tell who was speaking! Their voices sounded exactly the same.

The same.

My 30-something year old husband and my 12 year old son have the same pitch and depth in their voices - they sound exactly alike.

It was weird, I tell you. Very weird.

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