Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Sky

This morning The Mad Toddler was itching to hit the outdoors at 8am. So, out we went. It was actually decent out. Not cool, but nice enough. What was best? The clouds!

Why do clouds look so different in each season? The tall, well-built summer clouds do not look at all like clouds wisped across the sky in the winter.

These clouds this morning all seemed to whisper "fall" to me. We are so close. All the 100 degree days should be over and done with. The clouds seem to hold the promise of autumn.

Fall officially begins tomorrow, September 22, 2010. The clouds today were a foretaste of my favorite season of the year (not that it amounts to much in Texas, but I keep autumn in my heart).

Feast with me!

Clouds to the east of me...

Clouds to the west of me!

da plane, da plane!

Romeo giving the plants a drink

The Mad Toddler enjoys the morning weather

Romeo took this picture

Romeo tried to capture the ladybug on camera! We will work on the blurriness!

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