Monday, September 20, 2010

The Most Under Appreciated Piece of Furniture in the House

We are in a new phase with The Mad Toddler - potty training!

Really, it is not so bad, so far. He is only 2 years, 4 months, and he has been potty training for a week now. Let's see - the Young adult was 3, Cookie Boy was 4 (long story), and Romeo was 3 1/2, so you can see that we are very, very happy.

The Mad Toddler does not even protest much. He is glad to be a "big boy". He has even managed two...well, number two's (if ya know what I mean) in the past two days.

I forgot how much enthusiasm it takes to potty train. You, as the parent, have to be in it for the long haul. One "Yea, good boy" is not going to cut it. It calls for unbridled enthusiasm....every.....single....time.
A little M&M reward after a #2

One thing I have learned - The Mad Toddler was drinking entirely too much. The first day we started, he went something like 15 times during the day. By the evening, I was hanging on to enthusiasm by a thread. Not that potty-training isn't great. But I had to stop what I was doing through-out the day to launch into the "Wow! That is so great! I am so proud of you" and take it all to flush away- while I was getting dressed, brushing my teeth, conducting a Latin class, teaching math to Romeo, eating lunch, preparing dinner, and so on.  If I did not stop then and there, The Mad Toddler would enthusiastically take the little potty-training bowl out to bring it to me!

It made me think about the toilet today. Yes, I did just say I was thinking about the toilet today.

Sad, but true.

I do believe it is the single most under appreciated piece of furniture in the house. We take it for granted, until it is leaking, or running, or we have an urgent need for it, or we have to use it and can't get to it.

So, thank you, toilets everywhere!

Moving on.....

I am going to try something, for my own amusement. I know some of my family members probably think I have absolutely no sense of humor, but contrary to their beliefs, I do.  Mine tend to involve household cleaners or Ancient Greek philosophers, not body functions and gross jokes. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, I think every Monday I will show you what I find in my laundry during the week. I am always amazed by what I pick out of the washing machine or dryer. Usually there is no one to share my amusement with except the dryer lint, and since dryer lint is known for its poor appreciation of the bizarre, I will share with you instead.

Let's start in the middle, shall we? Obviously, there is a piece of Cub Scout equipment there. Although Romeo took the time to unbutton said item from his Scout shirt, its still ended up in the dirty clothes, to be washed by me. Thanks, Romeo.
Moving clockwise, we have a rock. Even the boys were confused by that one. However, they would be surprised by the sheer number of rocks, pebbles, and occasional boulders I pull out of the wash each week. Next, is a nickle. The rule is, if Mom finds money in the wash, it now belongs to her, so check your pockets carefully! Cha-ching!
The next three items all come from the Lego family: some weird piece, a flower from the Lego pick-a-brick, and finally a helmet from, one would presume, the Ancient Greek or Roman era.
Following these, we have a marble (which also pass through the laundry on a regular basis). And lastly, we end with two small shells. Yes, shells. We live about 300 miles from the ocean. Go figure.

Happy Monday!


Josee said...

We are in the process of potty training Monkey. He's just over 2.5 years and not very interested. I may have to invest in some M&Ms. I agree with you though, toilets are very much under appreciated :)

texasmom said...

I tell you, Josee, none of my other boys were even remotely interested at 2 or 2.5! My #2 point blank refused - saying, "I will do it when I am 4". And he meant it!
But in the end, they all were potty trained by 4 (we handed Cookie Boy a pack of diapers on his 4th birthday, said "Congrats, now you are 4")!
Good luck!

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

We started with each of our kids around 14-18 months, just sitting them on the toilet. I figure that the earlier they get used to the idea, the better...less resistance when they get farther into the process. We are definitely in it for the long haul, as my middle child is 3 1/2 and has DS, so she's slow on this as in everything.