Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

Wow! Tropical storm Hermine is dumping rain all over us! So far, we have gotten somewhere between 6-7" in my area, and it is still pouring down! I was worried about ArtGuy driving into work this morning. He has a Beetle, and it doesn't exactly handle water well, but ArtGuy assured me that he would be so low to the ground, he could just float to work! Yikes!

view of our street

the "river" between our house and our neighbor's

We walked out the front door this morning to find every single ant in the neighborhood had come up during the night and built a home around the front porch (and in Texas, those are fire ants)! I attacked them all, even the ones marching up the bricks. The rain probably washed it all away, but I tried!

It is so dark, we are all tired and sleepy. It is hard to get motivated for schoolwork or anything else! Poor Romeo and the Mad Toddler are still sick. No pics of the Mad Toddler, because as cute as he always is, no one is cute when their face is covered in snot!

Today is a writing kind of day. I have not had much of a chance to write since school began (and legos - oh First Lego League! I love you and I fear you!). I wrote a little children's book six or seven years ago. I rather like it. ArtGuy has always been too busy to do any illustrating for me, but thanks to the modern marvels of facebook, I have reconnected with an old friend. She is an artist, too, and she has taken on the illustrating of the book. We are both excited about the project! Children's publishing is a pain to break into, but we are going to try. It will be next year before we are done with this, but it is something to look forward to!

The above picture is not a magic trick! Romeo went to get some ice this morning, and found a piece of my hair had frozen in 2 ice cubes and linked them by a "magic thread"!

We are happily hunkered down in our home, listening to the rain, watching the weather reports of area-wide flooding.

Happy "Windsday", in the words of Pooh!

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