Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Six More Days

Six small days until the start of our school year! Yikes! Where did the summer go?

Hanging with friends

Being silly

Oh, yeah. I remember now. We also have been doing(are doing, in fact) a fair amount of swimming and bowling, too. A good summer, indeed!

The plan is to start school Aug 2, and get a little bit of schooling in before vacation. Then, a vacation, and back to school with time off for out-of-town family and other things.

My goal this summer was to re-organize large chunks of the house. We have lived here officially one year now! (cheering and clapping in the background - can you hear it?) However, the first half of that year was spent in me recovering from an burst appendix and other things. In fact, we were partway moved in when my appendix went, and afterward I couldn't lift anything over 20 pounds (including my baby!). Needless to say, the move was not very much in my control!
So, one year later it is time to reclaim the house! I have tackled several rooms. The goal? Unpack boxes, organize, throw out clutter, arrange items. The result? Not too bad. I tackled my bedroom, my closet, the schoolroom/linen closet, the laundry room, and the room Cookie Boy and Romeo share. Whew! So far, so good. Today, I work on Cookie Boy and Romeo's closet.
Remember, I am no domestic goddess! The results are not worthy of Better Homes and Gardens or anything. Just  a little less like a zoo where animals live (you know, the burrowing kind) and more like a home where semi-tamed boys dwell!

The Young Adult is spending this week at a middle school church camp, called PHAT camp (People Meet, Hang with counselor, Adore God, Tour the Metroplex = PHAT. Get it? I love telling people we are sending out super-skinny 12-year old to PHAT camp,and watch their faces!) Yesterday was a service project day, followed by a trip to tour the new Cowboys stadium! How cool is that? The Young Adult actually called me from the middle of the stadium (using the youth leader's phone) because he was so excited by it. Today it is a group ropes course.
The rest of us get to stay home and clean! Lucky boys!

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atnminn said...

Hey, I am a part of the "out of town family" you refer to! Looking forward to it. Tell Lu, I mean, the Young Adult, I love the picture of him in the middle of the field standing on the star. See you in a couple weeks!