Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of the Week

This week brought us a new addition - our new cat, Joshua! He is small and sweet. He likes attention, which is a good thing with so many boys to dish it out! A friend of ours had four kittens to give away. We went over Friday to pick one out, and fell in love with this guy!  His name was originally Mikey, but the boys decided to rename him. On the way home, for some inexplicable reason, they were all in agreement on the name Joshua! So, Joshua it is!

This summer is already slipping by. With the drama of the past two years, I really have forgotten how relaxing a summer can be! We have the community pool, we go bowling (thanks to KidsBowlFree), and we hang with friends. One day this week, we had seven boys in the house, playing video games and building with Legos. Sweet!

Speaking of bowling....

We were bowling a few days ago. The Young Adult has not been able to find his groove. He has consistently come in last every time we go. Until this week, that is! A few days ago, The Young Adult seemed to bowl strike after strike, decimating the competition. Cookie Boy, on the other hand, was not having a good day. He was behind, and just could not knock down more than seven pins in any turn. At one point, Cookie Boy's lips quivered, and tears spilled down his cheeks.
I called him over to me.
"Honey, it is okay," I said. "You are improving every game. Today, The Young Adult is just having an incredible game."
He nodded his head., but the tears kept coming.
"Cookie Boy, you just do your best. You will see," I ended.
Cookie Boy nodded his head, calming down.
As we were talking, the Young Adult finished another awesome turn, and then a new frame began.
Every single one of us bowled a strike that frame, except Cookie Boy!
It just wasn't his day.

The Mad Toddler has perfected a trick I like to call  "Slippery Fish". This is when I am trying to pick him up, or am already carrying him, and he goes limp and floppy, making it as hard to hold on to him as a large, mad fish. I am in desperate need of a massage and a chiropractor!

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