Friday, July 30, 2010

Just a Friday

I have absolutely nothing profound or wise or witty to say today! It is one of those days in what has been one of those weeks.

I have been feeling quite insecure this week, for many reasons. I always thought (when I was a teenager) that I would outgrow these moments, but I never have. I refer to it as my "perpetual existential crisis". This week has brought a heavy dose of it all. I am ready to put it behind me and pretend it doesn't exist!

One good thing the week has brought - an nearby major intersection is shut down for two weeks while they widen the road. In order to do this, they have actually torn up the intersection and are re-building it all. We must go around this intersection (via parking lots) in order to get to our nearby church. Plus, my bank is right there, as is a CVS we frequent. The train and "beeg truck" lovin' Mad Toddler has been in heaven! We must stop and watch all the big trucks, while he breathes heavily in my ear and sighs with ecstacy from time to time. Just once every trip he has to try the question - "Go touch the beeg trucks", to which I always have to respond no. Cheap entertainment!

The second good thing the week has brought is a few new clothes - a lovely gift from my mom who hit a great sale. I am depressed how big the clothes have to be in order for me to wear them, but I appreciate the cute new things!

Yesterday was the last day for PHAT camp, the wonderful middle school camp at our parish. The Young Adult had a great time, and is utterly exhausted! A miracle! Cookie Boy is excited to attend next year!

The Young Adult ready to go home and SLEEP!

The Mad Toddler post-cupcake at the end of PHAT camp potluck!

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