Monday, July 19, 2010

Raising Boys

If you did not know by now, I have four boys, ages 12, 10, 8, and 2. I also have a husband (which is code word for "bigger boy") and a male kitten (which means "baby boy"). I also have fish, but I will not hazard a guess at their gender. Knowing my luck, they are all boys. Every last one of them!

Having only boys, we get a lot of stupid questions and/or comments!
  • Did you ever try for a girl? (Well, ma'am, you would have to ask my husband. He is in charge of gender selection. I only take what is given to me.)
  • Are you sad you have all boys? (Only when I clean toilets or try to watch a girly movie. Wanna clear a room in my house? Try turning on "Hannah Montana: the Movie", or any movie with kissing.)
  • Are you going to try for a girl? (Do you think I have had  control up 'til now?)
  • You almost have a basketball team! (ummmm....I guess?)
  • You sure have your hands full! (Doesn't every mom?)

    There are many advantages to having all boys.
    • I am the only woman they really know, for now. That is at times depressing, scary, or really amazing - it all depends on my mood.
    • Creative punishments in public: if they misbehave in the store, they have to go bra shopping with me. Shuts 'em up every time.
    • Creative punishments at home: Romeo was misbehaving one day. To punish him, I pinned him down, held his eyes open, and made him watch 5 minutes of Barbie: The Three Musketeers. I turned it on right as a song came on. Sah-weet!
    • They have really cool toys!
    • They are getting stronger than me, and can open all kinds of jars!
    • They are not just brothers, but best friends (some times!)
    • I am raising young men! How cool is that!
    There are times it really and truly hits me that I am way outnumbered. Like, when I use the bathroom and realize the toilet paper is out, and has been for days, probably. No one but me would notice this. Or, when I am having an "emotional time". Then, every male in my house tiptoes around me, with furrowed brows and shrugging shoulders. Or when I want to go shopping.

    But then, that's what girl friends are for!


    Bethany from Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom said...

    Funny! Since I have only girls, I'm missing out on your kind of fun :-). Thanks for stopping by my blog & adding your thoughts.

    texasmom said...

    How funny! We can get together and balance things out!

    Angela said...

    I love this post. When the 'daughter' came to our family, the first thing I said what..'what are we going to do?'...I only knew about boys,,,lol. You have a beautiful family..Shaneah (my daughter) and I are outnumbered..even our animals, like you, are all males...Blessings.