Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Boys - a poem

Little Boys

Little boys
asleep at night,
all curled up
and holding tight
to dinosaurs
and battle droids,
little cars,
and other toys.

Books the size of boulders
lie underneath their shoulders.
Five pillows and three sheets
surround them while they sleep,
dreaming dreams of forests deep,
of dragons to ride,
rescues to keep,
battles in ships among the stars,
caves of wonder in lands so far.

Guardian angels smile so wide
to watch these boys with their eyes
closed in peaceful slumber.

Knowing full well that when they wake
the earth will tremble, the earth will shake
with growls, yells, and roars,
with races fast and fights with swords.

God loves the little boys -
They fill his heart
with wild joy!

copyright C. Alcott 2003

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